Heilig & Partners possess possibly the world’s most advanced data base on the expected level of vibration at varying distances from varying types of construction equipment. Models that predict the level of vibration can be used to assess the feasibility of different excavation designs.

mongst others, models for the more common equipment types are available and include:

  • Tunnel Boring Machines (both hard rock and Earth Pressure Balance EPB)
  • Road headers
  • Piling equipment
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Vibratory rollers
  • Bored piers
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Ground reinforcement

In addition, Heilig & Partners have a very extensive array of blasting patterns and designs appropriate for controlled blasting adjacent to sensitive receivers, including residential and commercial buildings, heritage structures, rail and road, hospitals and health care facilities and buried infrastructure including gas, electrical, communication and water/sewerage.

Heilig & Partners have provided advice to clients to enable blasting to be successfully completed within metres of sensitive infrastructure.