Heilig & Partners possess the most advanced and diverse capability fleet of vibration monitoring equipment in Australia.

The instrumentation ranges from simple and easy to use blast monitoring equipment commonly used to measure the level of vibration and air overpressure from blasting activities through to sophisticated high resolution, high speed data acquisition systems (1MHz) appropriate for near field, detailed blast analysis.

Both the Instantel and Texcel range of equipment are available. The monitoring equipment can be supplied with a range of capabilities coupled with a variety of sensors for specific monitoring applications, including geophones, accelerometers, tilt meters, velocity of detonation (VoD) probes and pressures gauges.

All equipment is available for rental, lease or purchase or can be used as part of a tailored consultancy project utilising the engineering services of Heilig & Partners.

Monitoring equipment can be linked to dedicated software to automate the monitoring process. These units interface with GSM modems to allow the automatic upload and retrieval of data, display of measured results and preparation of reports via dedicated web pages.

The systems also provide immediate results via emails or SMS capabilities. Monitoring systems can also be supplied with visual and audible warning sirens to alert equipment operators when the level of vibration exceeds, or approaches, pre-set threshold values.

Heilig & Partners can specify a monitoring package for specific requirements. Systems have been supplied worldwide for the measurement of vibration from drilling and blasting and mechanical activities, such as tunnel boring machines (TBM), road headers, vibratory rollers, pile driving, sheet piling, bored piers, hydraulic hammers etc.