Heilig & Partners provide design expertise to quarries in the key environmental areas of vibration, overpressure and flyrock control.

The reducing proximity of quarries to potential sensitive receivers and the variable environmental criteria placed upon their operation, as well as the requirement to maintain stable walls and uniform fragmentation are all interlocking constraints that impact upon the optimum quarry design.

In addition to the optimisation of existing quarry blasting, Heilig & Partners also advise clients of “Greenfield” sites on the key elements of the quarry design, such as bench heights, blasthole diameter and pattern sizes that will meet the imposed environmental license conditions.

The detailed knowledge of quarrying blasting provides an extensive database for comparing quarry procedures to world’s best practices.

In conjunction with the expert witness capabilities, Heilig & Partners can also independently assess planned future quarry activities with respect to environmental compliance. Representation in the planning and environment court is common practice.